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Vision Series #3: Empower Freedom

Thanks for joining us as we are discovering the unique culture of Anchor and Key Ministries and how these distinctions work together to bring individuals, families, churches and organizations into new levels of freedom.

“Empower” Freedom

Last week we shared about “equipping” freedom: how to learn what race were running or battle we are fighting so we can know which weapons and equipment we need along the way. This week, we’re looking at how we are EMPOWERED to use those weapons.

What empowers us?

Where do we receive power to skillfully use the weapons we have been given?

Why, the Holy Spirit, of course!

While we may know this intellectually, most of us are stuck in the patterns of this world. We have learned to rely on our own power to get what we want, to influence others, and to control our circumstances. And yet, we often find that we are powerless to effect real change in our own lives – like Paul we find that we keep doing that which we don’t want to do!

To be truly free to follow Christ, we need supernatural power that can be given only by the Holy Spirit. It’s “that same power that raised Jesus from the dead” that we need to be free to do kingdom work and to live a kingdom lifestyle.

This power is GIVEN by the Holy Spirit. It can’t be earned, negotiated, or manipulated. It is a gift given to every believer. So why do we still struggle with powerlessness? Because of the things we do to quench that gift. And most of that has to do with our faulty, ungodly beliefs.

We fail to understand the immensity of God’s power, His omnipotence, and omnipresence, we doubt the authority He has given us to exercise that power. Sometimes we forget altogether that the power of the Holy Spirit lives in us!

To walk in God’s power, we must walk in God’s Truth, which means we must believe in, surrender to, and embrace His very real power. We must lay down our own power, our own weapons, our own strategies, and methods, and allow the Holy Spirit’s power to reign supreme in our lives. You may be thinking “that’s easier said than done!” And we get it. That’s why we do what we do at Anchor and Key. We help people take an honest assessment of their hearts to uncover any ungodly foundational beliefs and/or strongholds that are quenching the power of the Holy Spirit. Then we help them restore the foundations with the Truth, so they can be EMPOWERED by the Holy Spirit to follow Christ in ever-increasing freedom.

Do you want to experience the power of Holy Spirit?

It’s time to submit to your own freedom journey and don’t give up until you know that you are walking in the freedom and abundant life He died for us to live.

Anchor and Key ministries exists to empower individuals and churches to grow in freedom principles and practices to bring glory to God and build a strong body of Christ, free and whole to proclaim His love and message.


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