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We love mentoring Jesus followers who are walking out their freedom and living their Kingdom calling to transform the world around them.

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The Gathering

Providing a place and time for people to connect with each other creates opportunities for God to move. The unique way we have seen changes in those who come to just be themselves and not who they think others want them to be, has been the fertile soil that opens a heart to all that they might need...a listening ear, a good laugh, a new friendship, questions about life and faith and especially a safe place to be known.


Personal Ministry

Our ministry teams are in bonded relationship with the communities we build and nurture. Equipped for more formal prayer ministry settings, these love-motivated men and women are ready to serve the deeper, more specific needs of the community. Trained in multiple prayer ministry modalities and experienced to meet any need, at any level, they provide a solid place to sort through the barriers and hindrances of living as a healthy disciple and disciple-maker.


Leadership Support

If you've been a leader or consider yourself a leader in the body of Christ, you've might have noticed a lack of intentional support within your circles. Mistakenly, we believe those who brought us higher in relationship with Jesus would continue to pour into us. It doesn't happen as often as it should because it just isn't naturally supported with the current organizational structure of the western church culture. Your local church's mandate to make disciples gets choked out by the pressures to run a church and to meet the pressing needs of the weak and poor in our communities. We believe those who are gifted in all the gifts given to those within the body of Christ; teacher, apostle, evangelist, pastor, prophet are all useful and active today and we need them to be nurtured in bonded community. Anchor & Key ministry teams are equipped in meeting these emergent leaders where they are, to develop, encourage and resource those who will carry His name in new places for generations to come.


Grow Groups

This is the organic process of God's people who love one another, it's not another program. Hard to define because it isn't controlled, this is the result of people knowing one another. Think of an upside-down small group- this grows from those with common needs who already want to make a deeper bonded community centered on growth interest and how they can grow together. These groups rarely are "led" but more "held" and encouraged by those who are passionate about making disciples. This is organic, relational discipleship.


Kingdom Calling

As we grow in safe places with safe people, learning to walk daily in the freedom that Jesus has offered, it allows us to begin to see our true identity in Christ and who He created us to be and to do His will in the influence He has given us. Beginning with an informal community involvement, we begin to see the gifts blossom and bear fruit. As a result we invite them into a more formal relationship to discover where God might be preparing them for impact and coach them into life giving opportunities to see Him work through them uniquely.


anchor gathering model

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