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After nearly 2 years of preparation and interviews, we have been invited to be part of a family of incredible hosts already bearing much fruit all around the world with us hosting the only oasis with Life Impact in New England!


We have been training, expanding our skill sets, and equipping ourselves and our team to receive these ones who need skilled and sacred care in each area of Life Impact’s R.E.S.T. model which is centered around a 3-5 day retreat setting.  


   R= Retreat            E= Encouragement

   S= Safety              T= Transformation


We will be offering several retreat packages to meet the growing need.


     * 1 day retreats for local pastors and leaders

     * 3 day customized retreats for overnight guests

     * 5 day retreats- customized to handle extended times of ministry and rest with added excursions available to area sites

We are so grateful that many of you have already given your support to our ministry. Your partnership with us is vital as we continue to support and empower the people of God to build the kingdom of God and we know we are not alone in this assignment! You are in it with us.  We cannot do this without you! We are looking for those who would partner with us through a monthly donation, a one-time gift and/or a prayer commitment.


Would you pray and ask how you can partner with us in this new season?

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