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Anchor & Key Leadership

Renee & Jimmy Story


We're just regular people. Like you. We've struggled. We've overcome. We've failed and we've succeeded. No matter how unique our stories are, we all need to be accepted, loved and heard.

Jimmy is a super hero disguised as a southern charm mega-jackpot of love and acceptance, times 100! Born and raised in Texas, he knows the value of family, acceptance and good comfort food! When he's not meeting with other men, encouraging them to keep growing and becoming everything they were made to be, or doing RTF sessions with "his bride", being a medical caregiver or cooking great TEXMEX, he might be chasing tornados! This guy knows he is healed and being healed up more everyday as he seeks what it means to be a man after God's own heart, and brings as many others with him on the journey!

Renee is a creative spirit who is deeply tethered to her Savior and rooted in freedom.  Born into a legacy of ministry trailblazers, she is addicted to forging new trails for Jesus! With a background in marketing, she leverages her dynamic personality to usher others into the presence of Christ through leading worship, RTF sessions and relational discipleship. Renee loves transforming the discarded into beautiful treasures.  Be it through carefully restoring furniture or hunting a thrift store, she sees what an item can become much the way she sees the hearts of the people around her!

Together they created Anchor & Key Ministries out of a desire to be a place where the kingdom looks more like family. God began to build a home ministry around them and taught them how to maintain it with a deep love & ability to connect to the heart of the hungry. Those that have longed for close friendship, deeper experiences and to live in the abundant freedom they exhibit, gather in their home and around their table. Passionate about being connectors for the kingdom to those who sometimes don't always fit into nice clean rows of church. Their desire is to continually build relational structures of discipleship in the churches and places they are invited to infect the Body of Christ with the beautiful tools to love and equip others well. Freedom and true disciples follow close behind.

They relocated to Connecticut in 2015 and are seeing God's move in some of the hardest spiritual soil in the United States.

Why New England?

Jimmy and Renee both start their stories with the same words, "We were BORN AGAIN coming out of the womb!" Both raised by church going families with strong roots in their faith, they both had made contributions to the "body of Christ" before coming to New England. It was CERTAINLY not a place either of them ever thought of living. After traveling for work and being a part of many different churches and faith communities all over the country, they knew God was calling them to "the most unchurched area of the US". It was a hard decision but became the catalyst to the largest transformation of their entire lives. More than they could have ever imagined. Learning new ways to talk and live to love others was essential to being a light in this area where the ratio of believers to non-believers was close to those of Pakistan! By choosing to follow the Lord thru many thresholds of laying themselves down and seeking to let Him rebuild their lives from the bottom up, they are seeing more fruit than they could have imagined possible. Thru many relationships with key leaders and a network of a world changing community, they are seeing many lives and ministries transformed into healthy, vibrant lights in this region. They consider themselves missionaries here in Connecticut. While Jimmy disciples men and maintains their ministry home, Renee's relational styled coaching is her full-time job and she makes time for those the Lord brings through their doors. Their unique home is perfectly fit to their needs and allows them to function, not as individual contributors but as a regional hub for beginning and nurturing connections and relationships that lead to wholeness. They are the resource that the Lord is using to bring transformation to the regional church and individuals for His glory.

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