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Running in Fields

Equipping the body
of Christ...

to run with freedom.



Through relational prayer and the Restoring the Foundations model, we help people experience lasting healing, wholeness and the freedom to follow Jesus with joy.


Hope is here, and His name is Jesus.



Do you want more people in your congregation to experience lasting healing, wholeness and the freedom to follow Christ? We can help! Let’s get to know each other, and together we can curate and develop a strategy to meet the unique needs of your church.


Following Jesus is a way of life. It’s not something we add to our to-do list. It’s not simply about changing behavior, going to church, studying scripture, or praying daily. And it’s not something we do alone. Following Jesus is about surrendering every aspect of ourselves and our lives to Christ, embracing who we truly are in Him, and living that out in the family of God, together. 

Creating a Kingdom Culture

one person at a time...

What Clients Say

"I have been transformed by Jesus through the tenants of this ministry!  It has changed the trajectory of my life and my family! To Him be the glory!"
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