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Vision Series #2: Equip Freedom

Anchor & Key ministry teams are committed to equipping individuals to live a lifestyle of freedom. We also come along side churches to help them equip their people to know who they are in Christ with tools to handle life's challenges.

Having a clear understanding of what race we are running, or even battle we are fighting, will allow us to understand what "equipment" we need to live our lives well and for His glory.

For instance, if the road is rocky, we might need certain shoes and maybe a walking stick. Or if it's a battle, we need to know which of the weapons we will need to defeat each foe to "win the prize".

Sometimes we may begin to think that the prize is "heaven" live sin free for all eternity with God. But that is actually "the gift" and it was given at the very beginning of the race (the gift of eternal life, given by His Grace through faith in Jesus alone). Paul says "the prize" is at the end of our life when we meet Jesus face-to-face and hope to hear "good and faithful servant". But the gift starts when we receive him and receive his gift of salvation at the very beginning. This gift empowers and equips us to run the race but so many seem to be still running a race to receive salvation or to receive God's acceptance. We've misunderstood that we've already been accepted and our sins have already been paid for, so we run a race all our lives for the wrong thing...trying to receive salvation (acceptance)...which has already been given if we have accepted it.

God's intention was for us to receive His gift of salvation through faith in Jesus and then begin the race to build His kingdom and to become the body of Christ. If we don't understand why we're running, then we won't keep going, especially when there are things that try to hold us back, like trauma, anger and shame.

The first step to running the race at all is truly believing that you are loved and accepted, that you are an heir, a son or a daughter, and that He has already given you all the tools, all the skills, all of the benefits of SONSHIP. When we don't EXPERIENCE or understand this, we cannot run and He cannot give us the tools, the weapons or the skills needed because we can't even hold them or use them when we're SLAVES. The enemy wants us to believe we're still servants and slaves and orphans. If he can continue to keep us thinking and believing that way, then we never begin to run our race or we get stuck somewhere in the middle. He wants to equip His people but the hindrances of how we view ourselves and how we view God are in the way. He wants to equip us to run a race of freedom throughout our life, doing his work, the work of the ministry to carry out the will of the King, here in the Earth. If we do not have this view of how to be equipped then we will never run. What race are you running?

Let's walk away from the lies that we are still running a race for acceptance and salvation, and stop living as orphans and slaves.

Let's get equipped with His truth so we can use those weapons and tools as sons and daughters!

Being equipped is a process that is started when we take our freedom journey seriously and deal with the things that hold us back from the fullness of abundant life.

Start today for yourself and join us in the work to "EQUIP FREEDOM"! #FreedomRevolution #rtfnewengland


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