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Freedom Connect groups are an essential part of our community of "freedom walkers"- those who have gone thru the Restoring the Foundations session work and are committed to walking it out within community. Connecting with others has been the KEY to many of our ministry receivers seeing true and lasting transformation in their lives, marriages and hearts. We are building a culture with others who understand the journey, the struggle and the joy that walking in truth can be. We build each other up and call each other higher at every turn. Lifelong friendships and mentoring opportunities have blossomed.

The model that has developed is well formed and stated but is flexible enough for a facilitator to customize it for their own group’s needs.  


Much like an A.A. group, the meetings are designed to adhere to a timed function and are organized to prompt meaningful discussions and sharing.  The frequency of your attendance is up to you, be it quarterly, monthly, or every other month. Each time is a slightly different experience with different people, struggles, stories, and sometimes teaching but all focused on or refocusing us on the one in whom our freedom comes from, Jesus.

Want to know more about Freedom Connect Groups?

Let's connect!

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