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Vision Series #1: Experience Freedom

For the next 5 entries, we will discover the unique culture of Anchor and Key Ministries and how these distinctions work together to bring individuals, families, churches and organizations into new levels of freedom.

"Experience" Freedom.

Beginning a personal journey of freedom in Christ often begins with an experience with the One who loves and wants to heal our souls. The word "experience" can be interpreted, by some as surface or emotion-based, something fleeting, a one-time mountain top experience. But it truly is the beginning of a longing in our hearts for more, and the hope that the gift of salvation has more to offer our earthly, day to day struggles. When the psalmist beckoned us to "taste and see" that the Lord is good, this is what he was inviting us into. (Psalm 34:8) After over 50 years in the church, I have stopped asking those I work with about their salvation and now ask about their experience with Jesus. We can know everything about God's word, spend years in a great teaching church and even serve in ministry and never have had a personal experience with Jesus.

When we step into a faith position with a good God and believe we are loved, cherished and belong to Him, we experience personal freedom and we want more. There's nothing like it.

Experiencing God as a good Father and being healed as daughters and sons are essential in our journey to freedom.


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